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Nikki VanderBurg
06 November 2010 @ 04:46 am
Title: Triangles [a Spider-Man FST]
Artist: Nikki VanderBurg (myself)
Fandom: Spectacular Spider-Man
Pairing: Eddie-Peter-Symbiote

I'm making fan soundtracks, now, it'd seem.

In which that the Symbiote has a mind of it's own.
[subject1/Subject2] = [point of view/in regards to]


Florence + The Machine - Hardest of Hearts [Venom/Spider-man]
"There is love in your body but you can't hold it in.
It pours from your eyes and spills from your skin.
Tenderest touch leaves the darkest of marks,
And the kindest of kisses break the hardest of hearts."
"Hold on to your heart,
'Cause I'm coming to take it.
Hold on to your heart,
'Cause I'm coming to break it."

Hey Rosetta! - Psalm [Eddie/Symbiote]
"But often it happens, you know.
That the things you don't trust are the ones you need most.
So it's cautiously into the dark,
But you see before long that your eyes will adjust."

Cobra Starship - You Can't be Missed if You Never Go Away [Peter/Venom!Eddie]
"I was buried alive, I came back to haunt you
Are you dying to believe I can't go on without you?
All we are is too fast for love
We're too young; I hate to love you.
The night's gone, and you're gone, too.
But you can't be missed if you never go away."

Frou Frou - Breathe In [Eddie/Peter]
"What part of 'no' don't you understand? I've told you before
To just get off my case: this isn't happening; stop this now.
And I-where was I?-I have to be somewhere
Now where did I put it?"

Metric - Help, I'm Alive [Spider-man/Venom]
"I tremble--they're gonna eat me alive.
If I stumble--they're gonna eat me alive.

Can you hear my heart beating like a hammer, Beating like a hammer?
Help, I'm alive, my heart keeps beating like a hammer.
Hard to be soft, tough to be tender.
Come take my pulse, my heart is on a runaway train.
Help, I'm alive, my heart keeps beating like a hammer, beating like a hammer."

Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek [Peter/Venom!Eddie]
"Spin me 'round again
And rub my eyes;
This can't be happening
When busy streets a mess with people
Would stop to hold their heads heavy.

Hide and seek
Trains and sewing machines
All those years
They were here first."

Ludo - The Horror of Our Love [Symbiote/Peter]
"I'm a killer
Cold and wrathful
Silent sleeper,
I've been inside your bedroom,
I've murdered half the town
Left you love notes on their headstones
I'll fill the graveyards
Until I have you."

Placebo - Battle for the Sun [Parker/Symbiote]
"You- you- you- you- you are a black and heavy weight
weight, weight, weight, weight, weight, weight.
And I- I- I- I- I will not participate- - - - -
Dream brother, my killer, my lover."

Snow Patrol - Somewhere a Clock is Ticking [Peter/Eddie]
"I've got this feeling that there's something that I missed.
Don't you breathe, don't you breathe.
Something happened, that I never understood.
You can't leave, you can't leave."

Frou Frou - Close Up [Eddie/Symbiote]
"Get back, get away from them,
It's all wrong.
Keep calm for a moment,
Look in my eyes.
Get back, get away, 'cause
This could get ugly.
If you think that I'll let you go,
You're out of your mind!"

Florence + the Machine - Kiss with a Fist [Spider-Man/Venom]
"You hit me once, I hit you back
You gave a kick, I gave a slap,
You smashed a plate over my head
Then I set fire to our bed!"

Rhianna - Disturbia [Peter/Symbiote]
"It's a thief in the night to come and grab you
It can creep up inside you and consume you
A disease of the mind, it can control you
It's too close for comfort."

Kesha - Cannibal [Venom/Peter] [Poison/Venom]
"Whenever you tell me I'm pretty
That's when the hunger really hits me
Your little heart goes pitter patter
I want your liver on a platter."

Graphics and image (c) myself; Spider-Man, Venom (c) Marvel, music to respectful artists; I own nothing else, yadda, yadda.
Nikki VanderBurg
25 September 2010 @ 06:00 pm
Here we go

Comment and I'll reply, etcetc.

1. Something I'll learn about you by looking at your LJ page for 13 seconds.
2. Which color you remind me of.
3. My first memory of you.
4. What Transformer you remind me of.
5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you, and your answer has to be as vague as possible to keep the suspense.
6. My favorite thing about you.
7. Give you a weird nickname.
8. What's on my shirt right now.
9. Challenge you to post this on your journal

And here's to you, fag:

1. Very grungy, alien and dark, sharp wits and malicious humor, but mostly for the luls.
2. I'd have to say off-plum colors, mostly because your msn theme thing has been the same color for the extent I've known you. It's a visual-relation thing.
3. Holy shit, my heart stopped, I think I found my heterosexual life-partner. Do you still have the key to my brain's back entrance?
4. Fuuu- well, the extent of my knowledge isn't as broad as yours and Alex's, but if I had to pin you with a character, I'd have to say a cross between Prowl, with all of your authority and ability to get shit done, and BW Megs for the half-comical, half-malignant way you do it.
5. I think I've already asked you, and got it out of the way. I'm sure we both know there isn't much we're afraid to keep from one another. I once asked if I ever bothered you, with how people can sometimes piss you off so badly. I almost feel ashamed for being human, but whatcanyado? Be a better one. Idk.
6. That you have this ever-burning desire, intense motivation and awesome pep-talks. Not to mention ily.
7. Bro~ /brow waggle
8. 100% cotton? ide- I'm wearing a plain black manbeater.
9. K we both done 'er.
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Nikki VanderBurg
29 June 2010 @ 01:32 pm
Long time no log, lj.

Today I kind of wanted to write out about how I've had a growing aspiration that may finally break my procrastination streak.

It's a common one, so don't go holding your breath.

Yeah, I totally want to get in shape. Like most of the North American continent.

So I'll start with wanting to keep track of the things I do, and hope to get into a habit of doing it.

I know for a fact I bike from home to work every day, which isn't so as long as it is difficult. I bike about 3.5km a day, up hill, both ways. And it used to be that I'd huff and puff and need to pause at the top of the hill to catch my breath. I've found myself able to best the hill without so much as a thought for rest, this past month, and I've only felt better, the more I do it.

From this point in my aspirations, I look to do some spot training, since I know my legs are the strongest muscle groups in my body. I'd like to start with push-ups and crunches, since I've always been unimpressed with my weak biceps and would really like to smooth out the feminine curve I seem to have grown. Eugh. Girlymuffintops.

Anyhow- from there, I've been taking time on the weekends to go on a hike through the back trails, and have thrown in some off-the-beaten-path burst sprints. I like to leap over the roots and crap, but I should always be careful, since, well- a fall could be painful, not to mention the frailty of the human body.

While I'm out and about, I also take the time to climb this one large tree- I have a red handkerchief, which I tie to whichever branch I make it to that day, it's not so much that I aim to climb toodamnhigh, just that I find it strengthens my arms. Note to self: get gloves. The callouses on my hands are distracting when I'm bored at work.

Apart from all this meathead mumbo-jumbo, I've been doing a lot of sketch dumps. I don't think I've posted many of them on deviantart, so I'll just be leaving them here to look at.

Also: warning, because image heavy.

Is it weird for an artsy-type to be doing all this working-out crap?Collapse )

And now I have to run off to work. Good day!
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Nikki VanderBurg
20 April 2010 @ 02:09 am
Today I learned that when you scan highlighter, it nearly disappears in the scan.Collapse )
So I got my lazy ass to fixed it up.Collapse )

Again, I apologize for the lack of anything.
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Nikki VanderBurg
13 April 2010 @ 10:40 am
Devin, you homo.Collapse )
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